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                          an "Executive Club" ?

( a new time, a new economy, a new attitude )

The Panther owner wants ....

            1.  A bike that provides a more positive harmonious experience.

            2.  A bike that expresses their own unique personality

                  that they can individually design.

            3.  A bike that has modern well engineered technology

                 with leading edge innovations.

            4.  A practical, serviceable bike with capable performance.

            5.  A bike that easily responds and adapts to their needs

                 and integrates well into their lifestyle.

            6.  A simpler, higher quality, safer, more reliable bike.

            7.  A sound, trustworthy bike that reflects straightforward authenticity.

            8.  A bike that has a distinctive, artful blend of form and function.

            9.  Longer life and lower maintenance in a low impact, sustainable bike.

.... With their Panther, they get all that, and so much more.

•  The Panther is made for the person who demands the very best.

   A person who is done with the expense of compromises.

•  On the other hand, they can spend as much as $82K, buying a fancy Chopper.

   They can also spend a little bit and upgrade a lot over the years.

•  Someone who likes to buy every three years, may not want a Panther

    because it is made to own for decades and becomes part of their life,

   although that does mean expectations of a very high resale value.

   if someone does want to sell it  ( or adopt it out )  early.

They can get most of the Panther's best in the Cub for only $17k USD.
Just about $3k more than other Bikes of its size, 
but they get a lot more
in quality, flexibility, safety, reliability, longevity and ride-ability.
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What kind of person buys a Panther ?

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