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(More market impact, less environmental impact)
•  Panther by far is the greenest, most environmentally friendly motorcycle in the world.
   Panther is committed to always providing the safest, greenest technology with a
   durability that fits perfectly with today’s focus on reducing waste and carbon footprints.

The Rider
 It is hard to design a safer motorcycle.  
   Most accidents happen because of handling and power control.  Safety is green.  
   It uses less healthcare resources and preserves years of life.  
   Investing in the individual is both the moral and the cost effective thing to do.
	•  The bike shape shifts to provide the exact safest balance for every occasion.
	•  There is leg protection built-in in case of a fall (side pod).
	•  The power levels are adjustable 
           so it never gets away from you and uses only as much power as you need, 
           reducing fuel consumption and increasing safe control.

 The Panther has anti-lock brakes and anti-spin (traction control) technology.

The Environment
Erosion Prevention:
 A new Bosch anti-spin  ( traction control )  technology is used
   It is a brand new technology designed especially just for for the Panther.
   It also makes the bike environmentally friendly in off-road situations 
   by preventing it from churning up dirt and tearing up trails.
Lowest Possible Pollution Levels:
 We are the first to use Cobalt-Tungsten alloy for all internal engine parts.  
   Used for the combustion chamber in jet engines, 
   it is not only extremely strong, but it does not expand when it gets hot.  
•  As a result, we can make internal engine part clearances very tight; 
   Eliminating the need for the engine to get hot first for the parts to fit snugly.  
   This means we can make parts to far more precise dimensions, 
   allowing the engine to run very efficiently and pollution is minimal 
   – even when the engine is still cold.

 Pollution standards on the Panther are far better 
   than those of any motorcycle sold in the U.S.  
   In fact, the bike’s pollution standards well exceed all Euro standards. 
   And, it comes standard with a power-level control feature 
   that allows riders to reduce power (decreasing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency)
   when less power is needed, such as while cruising down the highway.
 When it is finally time to let go of the bike, it is good to know that it is 100% recyclable. 
   The air and oil filters are washable and re-usable for the life of the bike. 
   We can also rebuild your bike if you wish.

The Bike
 It is the first bike that is 100% recyclable.  
   The premium version of the bike is 100% rust free and engineered to last for decades.
   The versatility of the bike reduces the need for the owner to buy multiple machines 
   to suit specialized riding needs.  
   Additionally, the ShapeShifting feature also improve the safety of the bike. 
 In its operations, Panther Motorcycles looks for green alternatives in terms of energy 
   efficiency, air and water pollution, as well as the use of materials 
   that are made using sustainable practices and that are 100% recyclable. 
•  Our bike is made with 100% non-toxic materials:
                    •  There is no paint anywhere on the bike. 
                    •  No chrome plating because it uses toxic acids to produce.
                    •  The lighting is LED and has no Mercury.
                    •  The Lithium-Ion battery has no acid or lead.
                    •  No lead solder is used on any wiring on the bike.
 Our shipping containers are re-usable for years 
   rather than the industry standard methods of wood crates or metal frames 
   that are thrown away after each shipment.
 Our bike is carefully designed rust-free and made to last for decades 
   using the very finest parts and extra-engineering every system 
   so we do not need to deplete resources making bikes over and over again. 
   You can also send it back to us and we shall rebuild it.
.... and when your bike gets really old, or if it is involved in an accident,
send it back and we shall rebuild it and re-warranty it,
 and then send it back to you, so you can keep it another few decades.

100% recyclable .... 100% rust-free .... 100% non-toxic






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