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Magazine Quotes

Sheldon's Emu  (England)

•  "The bike is quite stunning.  Well worth a visit to the site."


Todd's Harley Pix

•  It's good to see something truly new & refreshing.

•  I rather like it. 

   At first glance seems quite thought out, well engineered and practical.   

   Definitely not another Harley clone.  That alone earns a gold star.

•  With that pushrod single thumper it looks like it would be fun to play around on.


Topix, Ducati

•  Change is good, Its about time someone has moved ahead.

•  This is the best thing ever! I can't believe how well thought out it is,

    and yet it is so so simple. It is so far ahead of everyone else.


The Knee Slider

•  I like the concept of a bike that changes.

   I enjoy riding to my dirt excursions

   and this would make highway riding / dirt riding loops more fun.

   Hopefully the end product will look less like a show bike

   and more like a bike I would actually take places and get a few scratches on.

•  “R” want one! What an amazing toy;

    I am still enjoying the inventiveness of the younger generation

    after nearly sixty years riding bikes.

    I wish them all success with their venture.

    Pity is that I am now too old for this sort of pleasure.

•  My Dream Bike has always been to have 7.

   One for each day of the week.

   This bike removes the need for 6 days of the week.

•  I’m just wondering how long I’ll have to pinch pennies before I get one of these.


Kiwi Biker (New Zealand)

•  Sweet design, nice lines.


Pro-Street Blog

•  I can see why it took 9 years to design and engineer !

   AMAZING ! It is every ride I could ever want.

•  Hey, Harley, are you awake ?

   This is what can bring the young educated riders into your fold.

   This is a huge big deal. It will make the big bike makers wonder what to do.

    I suggest everyone read the report on the website.

   The beauty is that that it seems there is only geometric ONE WAY to make this work,

   so nobody can make small changes and compete with this. It is really well thought out.

   I love the way it looks. It reminds me a bit of a 30’s track-bike.

   I hope enough people invest to make this happen so I can have one

   and eBay my heavy Buell.

•  It's great to see a designer of something that is a truly different concept

   to motorcycle design

•  Unfortunately, I really don’t see the Harley Davidson motor company

   taking on something so radical for their future design ideas.

   H-D is very much profit driven using designs and concepts

   that derived from its past heritage.


Versys  (England)

•  Make mine an Orange one !


PN Riders

•  I would so buy that. Hella cool.


Helmet Hair

•  What well might be the future of motorcycles.

•  I hope Harley-Davidson buys this design from him.

   I wanted a Harley, but they are for old men,

   Harley is even going to make trikes for the old guys who can’t balance anymore.

   It is time to bring in the young and intelligent, especially us girls.

   I love the idea of changing the shape as I ride so I can go anywhere.

   The videos look cool and the report on the website is amazing.

   So much detailed function in such a simple package.

   It should have been done years ago.

   It would have been my first bike.

•  It’s special, it’s exotic :) I like it.

•  It’s a very remarkable motorcycle. Seems like a good idea,

    if you look at it for its functional purpose.

    I like the detail, that you can actually hook more R-Bikes together

    to haul large loads or what not,

    and you can maneuver out of mud holes by changing the shape.

    It’s a stunning accomplishment.



•  A vehicle more advanced and radical

   than anything ever before seen in a serial-production motorcycle.

   It will offer a conceptual breakthrough like nothing previously seen in the industry,

   setting a new benchmark for performance versatility that may obsolete

   whole segments of the niche markets that we have come to accept as necessary

   for maintaining current and attract new customers.


Biker News Online

•  Wow ! Amazing ! I want one ! !

  The iPhone of motorcycles.

   It looks stunning.

   An Army friend of mine clued me in on it.

   And it is goes in the woods.

   A lot to absorb. A huge amount of detail.

   It is like a puppet where all the pieces work together.

   Every curve, the position of every part has meaning.

   No wonder it took him 9 years !

•  Way Cool !

    I am reading the details on his website



    Why didn't someone do this 20 years ago ?

•  Harley should have this for us girls.

    Bring in the younger folks too.

    Imagine a Harley with engineering in mind,

    What a concept !

Feb 2008



Feb 9, 2008



Feb 11, 2008



Feb 20, 2008

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TV Shows

Science Channel .... "Beyond Tomorrow"

                                  Segment on Erik Brinkman and his life's work

                                  and an additional segment on his Panther R-Bike.

Discovery Channel .... "Future Engineering"

Fox ....  "The Environmental Report Television Series"


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