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•  We can see the attitudes transforming all around us.

    The disposable economy is ending .... things are changing.

    The new economy is leaner, greener and cleaner

    more thoughtful, sustainable, individual.

•  The Panther is on the very cutting edge of that movement

    so customers can design their own bike exactly the way they want

    and have a bike they can capably take anywhere

    that checks itself and is a snap to service

    and proudly own it for decades .... wearing it in, not wearing it out.

All this starts with ....

Longest Range Electric

This is the "Electric Vehicle Holy Grail"

•  The Electric Panther is the ONLY vehicle in the world

    that can go 480 miles .... all day on one charge.

That is 8 hrs @ 60 mph on one battery charge ! ! !

•  This is roughly 10 times what any other vehicle offers

    thanks in part to our having the world's leading MIT pioneer

    of Lithium Battery Technology on our Board.

•  We can do this because we use a special light-weight

    nano-Polymer Lithium-Ion battery array

    that boasts a huge capacity .... up to 28 kwh

    .... which can power an average house for 2 days.

Longest Lasting

No Other is Made to Last Longer

•  Made of the strongest 100% rust-free materials.

    so it lasts for decades with a 6 Yr- 60k mile warranty

    so this is by far the most reliable motorcycle ever.

Designed by the Customer

No Other is Custom Designed by its Owner

•  This mass produced motorcycle has over 140 design choices.

    This bike was designed by the public.

    This is unheard of in the industry.

Easiest to Service

No Other is as Easy to Service

•  It has roughly half the parts of old-style motorcycles.

    It checks all of its own systems

    and reports any issues

    and walks the owner thru any repairs

    or WiFi's to our HQ for any help.

    Just show us via the bike's camera and microphone.

Most Capable

No Other Can Go More Places

•  For the first time in history a bike that physically adapts

    so this can go almost anywhere the rider wants

    by changing shape, balance and power curve.


We are the Greenest, Cleanest and Safest

•  We firmly believe that in the new Green Economy,

    the world is looking for a simpler, longer lasting, cleaner option.

•  In a world of over-complicated disposable motorcycles

    hidden behind crispy plastic .... hard to service and clean;

    we are a refreshing option

    that can be proudly, cleanly and safely owned for decades.

It's Almost Alive





• What you see as a "tank" is actually a Kevlar Body Cover.

  The tank, fuel controls, and electronics are housed inside it.

• This allows us to offer several body styles

  that can be changed by the owner at any time.

• We are asking the public to offer several body style ideas

  as part of our .... "BODY STYLES CONTEST".


over 45 magazine articles and 3 TV shows later ....

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Design work continues

and great strides have been made

especially in battery technology

thanks to nano-tech.

We are in the Systems Testing phase

and are delaying commercial production

due to uncertainties in the World Economy.

Panther Motorcycle has been reabsorbed into Erik Brinkman’s Research Umbrella

for continuing Design and Development

until the economy improves.

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