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We are pleased to offer the very finest motorcycles in the world.

The entry-level "CUB" is missing some of the features below.
.... those features are marked with a GREEN bullet (•)
see: CUB Specs for further details.shapeimage_2_link_0


Double-Wishbone Suspension ....

           •  On both ends, for the most precise, predictable handling.

Active Suspension ....

            •  As the frame ShapeShifts, the shocks lay down

               and the travel changes from a rugged 8" off-road

               to a very sensitive 4" on-road.

Dynamic Damping ....

            •  Shock damping changes automatically with speed and load.


ShapeShifting Geometry ....

            •  Adapting and adjusting the personality of the bike

                to the exact conditions of that moment,

                helping to make the safest motorcycle in the world.

Seven Bikes in One ....

            •  All the bikes you need for the price of one.

  1.                         •  wheelbase                            52" - 63"

  2.                         •  ground clearance                   6" - 10"

  3.                         •  suspension travel                     4" - 8"

  4.                         •  seat height                            27" - 34"

  5.                         •  handlebar width                    22" - 32"

  6.                         •  rake and trail                         22º - 4"  to  44º - 6"


LED Lighting ....

            •  When riding off-road, there are no delicate bulbs to break.

Two-Wire Digital Electrical System ....

            •  With only two wires, electrical issues are virtually eliminated.


Variable Plenum ....

            •  Larger and smoother when stretched out and cruising.

            •  Smaller when more responsive when shortened off-road.

Four-Stage Filtration ....

            •  No debris can get into the engine, no matter where you ride.


Even better than a NASCAR Fuel Cell ....

           •  Fuel is stored in a bag filled with open cell foam

               so the fuel does not slosh and increase vapor pressure.

               This bag is then stored in a Kevlar tank

               with an aircraft type fuel-cap.

  The best Possible Filtration ....

            •  First the fuel goes through a particle filter,

               then a wax filter, then a water filter

               so no matter where in the world you ride,

               you do not need to worry about fuel quality.

Fuel Lines are Woven Aircraft Stainless Steel ....

            •  So the system stays tight and trouble-free

               especially if you drop the bike.


  Ten Engine Options ....

            •  So your bike has the size and personality you want.

  Adjustable Power Levels ....

            •  Less for off-road and for relaxed cruising on the hi-way

               for the best control and fuel savings.

               Five settings .... 100 - 75 - 50 - 25 - 5%

               ( 5% for generator mode when camping )

  Runs Even Without Oil ....

            •  So even in the worst possible case, you can still limp home.

               ( even through at a greatly reduced power level )

  Dual Oil Pumps ....

            •  One at the mechanical pump at the engine

               and one electrical pump at the oil tank;

               doubling up on this most critical system.

  Variable Valve Timing ....

            •  So we flatten the torque curve at all speeds

               and allows the torque curve to alter as bike changes shape;

               lower for off-road and more midrange for on-road.

               It also allows for lower pollution levels.

  Dual Spark Plugs ....

           •  Quad-Tipped Bosch Platinum-Iridium.

               Always the very best technology available, always.


  Three Transmission Options ....

            •  So like the rest of the bike .... exactly what you want.

  Optional Reverse Gear ....

            •  Great in the deep woods and tight places.

  Anti-Lock and Anti-Spin Technologies ....

            •  The best in Bosch traction control  ( new design just for us )

               for the highest level of safety possible.


  Stainless Steel Frame ....

            •  Nothing rusts, so it is always strong and always looks good.

  100% Rust Free ....

            •  So you can park it in a barn for 20 years and she still cranks.

  Made with the Fewest Possible Parts ....

            •  Easier to service; less to go wrong.

Kevlar Bodywork ....

            •  Drop it at high speed or fire a gun at it and it still stays together

               and always looks good because the color is inside the material,

               so it never needs to be painted.

Stainless Steel Brembo Brakes ....

            •  Because Brembo is the very best in stopping power.

  Kevlar-Ceramic Hydraulic Clutch ....

            •  The plates never warp under extreme use

               so the clutch never feels mushy

               and with Kevlar friction surfaces

               it lasts much longer than any other clutch on the market.

  Cobal-Tungsten Internal Engine Parts ....

           •  This is the same alloy used

               to make the combustion chambers in jet engines

               and is chosen because it is extremely strong

               and does not expand under extreme heat

               so the engine parts always fit perfect

               no matter what the extreme abuse.

Ceramic Coated Cylinder, Pushrods and Roller Rockers ....

            •  The parts that rub are coated with a flexible ceramic alloy

                to greatly reduce wear.

  Three-Inch Near-Diamond Coated Cobalt-Tungsten Gears ....

            •  The transmission can take extreme loads  ( over 250 hp )

                made of Cobalt-Tungsten alloy so it is extremely strong.

                Near-diamond coated (DLC) 10-times slicker than Teflon

                and strong as diamond for the smoothest shifts

                and longest wear resistance possible.


Harley Tooling  (American Standard Tooling) ....

            •  So you can get it easily serviced in hundreds of places.

All Filters are Re-Usable ....

            •  The air, fuel and oil filters are all washable and re-usable.

All Gaskets are Re-Usable ....

            •  All gaskets are neoprene and can be used over and over.

All Bolts Lock ....

            •  Either with a tab or a coded key, so they never vibrate loose

                and expensive parts are securely locked onto the bike.

All Service Info is on the Bike ....

            •  Your keyless FOB and password tuns your bike on.

               Repair manuals and the bike's history log

               is kept in the bike's computer

               and displays on the instrument screen.

Servicing over the Internet ....

            •  Your computer connects to the internet

               for software updates and service help.

The Bike is Self-Diagnosing ....

            •  So it tells you what is wrong and what it needs.


The Entire Bike is X-Rayed ....

            •  A special on-of-a-kind huge industrial X-ray machine

                is custom designed for us, so we can X-ray every part

                and even X-ray the entire bike as a whole

                to check for a micro-fractures, casting voids or imperfections

                so no bike leaves the factory unless it is absolutely perfect.

All Metal Parts are Liquid Nitrogen Treated ....

            •  Just like top race teams do.

  6-Year 60,000 Mile Warranty ....

            •  We warranty the bike, not the owner,

                so the warranty is 100% transferable.

Ease of Ownership

Always Upgradable ....

            •  Without ever having to purchase another bike, ever.

Keyless FOB ....

            •  You carry a small model of the bike on your key-ring.

                It is your key, so you can start it with the push of a button

                if you are near your bike.

                ( the bike key ring's headlight doubles as a flashlight ).

The Most Advanced On-Board Computer Ever ....

            •  The Panther Motorcycle can only be described as "self-aware".

                    • It is aware of its condition at all times.

                    • It knows if the oil is getting old.

                    • It knows if the tires are about to break loose.

                    • It knows if something is getting too hot.

            .... It knows.

            •  So when you start your ride,

                you check your tires for foreign objects and little more.

                You don't check or worry.

                The bike does the worry for you.

                Welcome to the future.

            •  For info on the bike's "self-diagnostics", see: Owners Manual

As Custom as You Want ....

            •  If a bike is made to last for decades, it needs to be just right.

                We offer 140+ custom choices; exactly what you want.

                ( less choices for the CUB )

            •  For info on the bike's custom choices,

                select your type of bike (electric or fuel)
                and then see push its Design-a-Bike button.

The Ultimate Fit ....

                • The frame adjusts for the comfort of the ride.

                • Three frame sizes to fit your arm and leg lengths.

                • The handgrip diameter adjusts to your hand size.

                • The hand levers adjust to your finger reach.

                • The handlebar width adjusts to you shoulder width.

                • The foot controls adjust to your shoe size.

  Two Clutch options ....

            •  Either a Stainless Steel and Kevlar 7-inch clutch

               or a 7-inch Ceramic and Kevlar clutch

               depending on how much abuse you plan to give your bike.

A motorcycle that you slowly wear-in, rather than wear-out.













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