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Panther Service


•  Panther Motorcycles use "American Standard" / English tooling

    and most of the parts can be easily serviced by any Harley-Davidson Dealer

    because the bikes use many dimensions and tools common to Harley-Davidson.

    ( it, therefore, also fits many Harley aftermarket accessories )

  1. The bikes are very simple

    so that an owner can do much of the servicing themselves.

    It also comes with two all-in-one multi-tools.


•  Some systems are locked with a key. There are two types of keys.

    There are physical key-locked bolts that prevent the theft of certain key parts

    and access to critical systems.

    There are also software keys

    that limit access to systems that effect some engine controls

    and other vital systems that are restricted by law.

laptop computer

•  The Instrument screen displays ....

                        1.  Regular (speedo, tech fuel level etc)

                        2.  Racing Readings

                        3.  Explorer Apps  ( compass, GPS, call for help, etc )

                        4.  Emergency messages

                        5.  Owner manual, repair manual and all diagnostic gauges.


•  Every bike comes with either an iPod Touch or an iPhone as the instrument pod.

    You can then see all the bike's systems and their condition.

    All servicing instructions are provided in the iPod .... and on-line thru the internet.

remote internet servicing

•  If you get stuck or need your bike serviced and cannot find a dealer,

    you can, contact us

    and we can do much of the diagnostics and adjustments over the internet.

    You can show us your problem with the bike's camera and video confer with us.

The Most Advanced On-Board Computer Ever ....

            • The Panther Motorcycle can only be described as "self-aware" ....

                        •  It is aware of its condition at all times.

                        •  It knows if the oil is getting old.

                        •  It knows if the tires are about to break loose.

                        •  It knows if something is getting too hot.

            .... It knows.

            •  So when you start your ride,

               you check your tires for foreign objects and little more.

               You don't check or worry.

               The bike does the worry for you.

               Welcome to the future.




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