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  1. The rider can stand while the bike is in the range

   between Trials proportions to Standard proportions.

ShapeShifting in Colors

Double Wishbone Suspension

•  This video is to show you the bike itself ShapeShifting

    while also showing you the colors available.

    ( the Hot Blue has been replaced with Powder Blue )

•  The body of the bike goes straight up and down

    so there is not diving the front end

    which can cause a loss of control,

    especially in a down-hill curve.

•  In the old-telescopic forks style suspension,

   as the forks compress and the bike dives, the  

   wheelbase shortens. In the Panther R-Bike's 

   arrangement the wheelbase lengthens. This is 

   unlike any other Double-Wishbone designs, and

   helps to prevent the infamous "endo" type accident.

•   It can comfortably ShapeShift "on-the-fly".

     because the rider's head and torso do not move.

    The bike instead ShapeShifts UNDER the rider

    so the rider's perspective stays confident and controlled.

ShapeShifting Frame

•  The Stainless Steel Double-Ladder Space-frame

    is far stronger and more rigid than the old-style 

    tube-frame, yet retains the feel-of-steel to still 

    provide the best feedback for the suspension.


  1. If rider attempts to stand while in Cruiser proportions,

   the bike will ShapeShift into Standard.

Standing up while ShapeShifting

ShapeShifting  "on the fly"

Riding Off-Road While Standing



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